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Click on a photo to start slide show: 1956 Packard This is Chris with his 1956 Packard.  We were able to get some nice photos in spite of the rain. This was a luxury automobile in its time.  With a push-button transmission and torsion bar suspension, it was smooooth!  And nothing like a V8 engine when you have cheap gas.  Gas was $.23 (23 cents!!!) a gallon (a GALLON) in 1956.  I think when I
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Click on an image to start slide show: George Hurrell Hollywood Style Photos George Hurrell worked for MGM in the 1930s and 40s and photographed pretty much every star of that time.  Joan Crawford and Humphrey Bogart & Marlene Dietrich, Veronica Lake, Robert Taylor, Douglas Fairbanks, Greta Garbo, James Cagney, Hedy Lamar, Johnny Weissmuller (Tarzan), amongst dozens of others.  HIs photographic style has inspired hundreds if not thousands of photographers since then. Editing a George
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Click on an image to start slide show Natural Portraits The last few weekends, I’ve been taking photos of the actors in costume and make-up at Haunt Manor Niagara Falls.  One more weekend to go, starting this evening.  Great fun.  As I already had the lighting set up, i managed to get a few natural looking portraits of actors before make up and costume.  The line up is long and as taking photos of people
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Photos: Frightened Yet??Haunt Manor Niagara Falls If you are anywhere near Niagara Falls, Canada in the last part of September through to the end of October, be sure to visit Haunt Manor.  Located at Campark Resorts on Lundy’s Lane, just on the edge of the city.  You can’t miss the big red barn!  Inside is full of scary stuff.  And in saying, if you are near Niagara Falls, I mean a couple of hours drive
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Bella, Kit Kat and othersMuskoka Horses Muskoka is known for its tourism not necessarily its horses. The bugs in the Spring and Summer can be a bit harsh on the animals, but the Fall, with the nice weather, it being a bit cooler but still nice the horses are much more relaxed. [read more] Last year I made some new friends up the street from the cottage.  Also made friends with their horses. I had
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