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The Zen of Photography (My Way!)

The Zen of Photography (My Way!)

What is Zen?

Several different definitions for this. It is first of all a sect of Buddhism and a ‘way’ of Buddhism. 

“a state of calm attentiveness in which one's actions are guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort…”

And I got this from The Zen Societies Website:

“It’s both something we are—our true nature expressing itself moment by moment—and something we do—a disciplined practice through which we can realize the joy of being. It is not a belief system to which one converts. There is no dogma or doctrine. Zen is the direct experience of what we might call ultimate reality…” Zen Stuff

The first definition falls easily into the western definition of ‘chill’.  “a relaxed and not worrying about things that you cannot change”  (taken from Cambridge Dictionary)

So, I don’t know much about what it would be for you but I guess it’s kind of the state that I go into particularly when I’m editing photos and creating on the computer. 

I’m ordinarily in this state, as well, when I’m in the studio or often elsewhere.  Taking photos.

I’m a swimmer and wear my Garmin watch during the day.  Not at night.  Keeps track of my heart rate.  When I’m sitting at my desk, completely focused, heart rate drops into the 40s.  Hopefully, that’s an indication that I’m in ‘the zone’.

If you are a swimmer and on Garmin, look me up.

As of late, I’ve learned some of how to use Photoshop AI.  Pretty easy to make stuff up from nothing.  Much more difficult to get really good at it.  I have thousands of photos, so my goal is to use them as much as possible in my creations. 

Makes it trickier sometimes but good to set rules for the game.  Goes for any game, I guess.  If you can work within a set of rules, and win, then you really know you are winning. 

Some of the images that I create, like the one with the ‘robot’ lady in the bedroom.  Well, it took me quite a while.  Hours.  Some dead ends and restarts.   

I find that I don’t get frustrated when I run into barriers.  Like I have a concept and get to the end and ‘bleh’.  I really, really, really enjoy the process. 

I look at my photography, how it has improved over a lifetime.  And I can see how in the few months that I’ve been working with Photoshop AI… definite improvement in my skills and knowledge. 

Part of the beauty of it is that I don’t expect everyone to like what I create.  And even those that like some of my work, may not like other material.  All part of the ‘Zen’ thing I guess.

Enjoy the photos.  And if not, have look around and see what else there is to see!  🙂

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