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Dramatic Portraits on The Road On a recent road trip out west, to Alberta and British Columbia, I made sure I packed a light, a stand and large soft box.  The soft box being almost six feet but wraps up tightly and takes very little space.  We spent the day with my wife’s son and doing a family BBQ.  He has a garage where he keeps his motorcycle, a shop where he makes all sorts
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Photographic Terminology (Nomenclature) I get asked from time to time about understanding camera and photography nomenclature or terminology.  A lot of magazine or website articles assume that a person reading has a basic understanding of what’s what.  Like with any subject, finding it too difficult to understand certain aspects, one can give up or consider themselves to ‘dumb’.  From that, a person may think that because they are unable to render the photography as they
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Click on photo for slide show: Portraits with Hannah These photos were taken New Years Day 1999.  Billy, another photographer and I had been shooting and processing our photos in a darkroom for some time and we were both at a party the night before.  Hannah was attending the event as well.  We approached her, asking if she would allow us to shoot her the next day at our studio.  We thought she had marvellous
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Click on a photo to start slide show: Geeky and "Ungeeky" Photos for Owen ‘My mom wants me to get graduation photos.”  Owen never got them done last Spring due to all the Covid kerfuffle.  He asked me Saturday evening and we were going to shoot Sunday. Owen plays football on the school team and I wanted a few shots with his gear so we waited till Monday evening.  He was actually supposed to turn
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Book an Appointment Now!! Email: Phone: 587-893-0125 Photographing the Nude One the last few years I’ve come across a lot of superbly photographed nudes through Instagram, Pinterest, 500px and some other venues.  There are some really great photographers out there.  Growing up and as I started creating with photography, if I wanted to find decent inspiration, I had to look in bookstores and magazines.  There were many, good and bad, but two fantastic artists
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