I love people and I absolutely love photographing them.  Creating lasting portraits has been my passion for over 30 years.  I have people tell me to this day that they have portraits of their children from when they were small - children that are now in their 40s!

I will do my very best to give you the exact photo that you want or need for your family, business or event.

,  .  .

I was asked when I was a teen by an adult that was trying to mentor me, what type of magazines that I like to read.  I mentioned a couple like 'Life' and 'Look' and a couple of others because I liked the stunning photos, particularly the portraits, and wanted to emulate those.  His response was something like "Oh, those are just picture magazines." 

But those photographers inspired me.  Yousef Karsh, John Leonard, (the Fab Four in the pool!), Alfred Eisenstaedt (Marilyn), and many others. How they captured the time and the essence of their subjects.

I love experimenting, trying different things. Working with people in different environments.  Whether it is a fairly straight forward head shot in the studio or something more dramatic.

Enjoy the show!  (Dramatic Portraits)

- Martin

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