I have photos of me carrying around a Brownie 'Instamatic' way back when god was a boy in the 1950s.  Took lots of photos of my brothers and our cat.  And horses when I got a chance.  I was asked when I was a teen by someone that was trying to mentor me, what type of magazines that I like to read.  I mentioned a couple like 'Life' and 'Look' and a couple of others because I like the brilliant photos and wanted to emulate those.  His response was something like "Oh, those are just picture magazines."  Said in such a way to make them seem extremely unimportant.  Like the idea of photography was unimportant.  Kinda dampened my enthusiasm.  Careful how you respond to young people.

I didn't give up entirely.  I have had various cameras through the years and when my middle son was born I was taking a lot more photos.   His life is well documented.  From that I started shooting some family photos.  I love experimenting, trying different things.  That's how I've learned a lot.  And looking at other photographer's work.  I like figuring out how the lighting for certain portraits was done.  Old Hollywood photographers particularly.  I've watched enough videos but I've always been fond of books and read and own many.  It is fairly obvious the type of photos I like to shoot.  Dramatic portraits are definitely my favourite.  Working with people in different environments.  Whether it is a fairly straight forward head shot, something more dramatic or the nude. 

And then there are the horses.  It is difficult when traveling, for me not to stop at the side of the road to photograph these beautiful and majestic animals.  I have a few hundred 'horse selfies'.  I will post some of these at some point.

In the meantime, enjoy the show!  (Dramatic Portraits)

- Martin

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