Photographer Fraud – Scam Alert!!

Photographer Fraud – Scam Alert!!

Photographer Fraud Alert

Please check this out and check online for others with similar experience!

April 2024

Last Tuesday I received this email:

“Hello, I need a photographer for my 65th birthday on the 26th of MAY 2024,are you available and the specified date?”

From: Nancy Kroger -

It did seem slightly odd wording to me but at the time I was unaware of this type of scam so thought I’d continue the dialogue.

I replied, had a couple of questions and then received this:

“Thanks for the swift response,You were referred to me by Joanne, she's seen some photos you have edited for previous clients.The birthday will be held at the house XXXX Morse Ave, Niagara Falls, ON L2G 4G2, i will need your services for 6 hours 12pm to 6pm for candid photos and capturing of other activities happening around the party(cake, games,speech etc),30-50 will be attending(family & friends.They will arrive in batches).It's an indoor party but we can do some outside pictures if the weather is nice, what is the total cost for the package to cover for 6 hours?”

I sent a price and then received this:

“Sounds good,I am okay with the price $XXX,I will make your payment in full so you can book me in advance for the day to avoid any disappointment, i will love to have every moment captured that day with my family and friends.Payment will be via Cheque and will have it mailed out to you asap, what name do you want to be written on the cheque and which address do you want it mailed to?”

I was already getting a bit weirded out.  They had not met me and were willing to send X dollars.  Alarms going louder now.  I emailed back and said I’d like meet beforehand.  I was willing to drop by.  (The address is given is only a few minutes away.)

I didn’t expect to hear back at all a this point.  I emailed the ‘i want to drop by’ message last evening.  Didn’t hear back in the morning, which was the normal response time.  Middle of the afternoon, I got this email:

“I will be available to meet 1 week before the event so you can come take a look by then.”

Still pretty vague, huh?

I did get their phone number as well.

So, if you feel like hassling them (son #1?), then please do.

Here is the contact info:

Phone: 657-394-8889  - It’s a California number.

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