Learning to Take Good PortraitsLearn The Rules First of all, learn the rules really really well, then, and only then, allow yourself to break them.  There are technical aspects and then the artistic.  The ‘technical’ part will take you a long way, if not most of the way.  By 'rules' I mean there is lots to learn, your camera, your lighting, posing and it helps to know people a bit, as well.  Learn as you
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Binbrook, Ontario Rodeo 2023 I’ve photographed numerous small and medium sized rodeos in Southern Alberta.  Nice access at these for a photographer.  And I can roam around and take some nice shots of the cowboys and their horses.  Usually three or four photographers maximum.  Lots more at this rodeo. Binbrook rodeo is part of a series called the RAM Rodeo Tour. These cowboys are tough dudes.  It's fun watching them do their 'yoga' stretches to
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Here are portraits that I’ve done over the last few months.  Some with studio lighting, some natural or window light.  Some posed, some casual or candid.  I love this part of photography - People.  All about light and shadow.  Getting the right and most flattering balance.  Oft times, one is trying to duplicate in the studio the simple lighting of a cloudy day.  That nice soft light.  Some think that a bright sunny day is
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Auto ISO*: Make your job easier with this simple setting. I learned this recently.  I used to think that if I shot a portrait a bit dark because of a lower ISO* setting that I could crank the exposure in Lightroom as there is so much data captured with digital cameras these days.  One is essentially playing with three things to get a proper exposure: Speed, Aperture and ISO (sensitivity setting).  With your ISO setting
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What the hell is a 'squinch'?   I posted a video of Peter Hurley talking about the 'squinch' some time back.  You can see it here: https://photo-photo.com/peter-hurley-and-the-squinch/ I recently came across some updated information by him on this.  He shows some comparison photos of people with relaxed eyes and slightly 'squinched' eyes.   Using this, whether it be for actors headshots, or family photos, this techniques will make your subject look much more natural. It is a
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