Haunt Manor Niagara Falls

Haunt Manor Niagara Falls

Frightened Yet??

If you are anywhere near Niagara Falls, Canada in the last part of September through to the end of October, be sure to visit Haunt Manor.  Located at Campark Resorts on Lundy’s Lane, just on the edge of the city.  You can’t miss the big red barn!  Inside is full of scary stuff.  And in saying, if you are near Niagara Falls, I mean a couple of hours drive is completely worth it, if that’s what it takes. 

Phil Van Kleef, the mad mind behind this whole creation, and his team have created the largest Screampark/Haunted attraction in Canada using professional make up artists, actors and set design. 

Phil and his crew tour some of the largest and successful Haunt attractions in the world to learn and get ideas so that Haunt Manor Niagara Falls can be updated every season to give you a new, exciting and ‘scary’ event! 

You can purchase tickets and learn more (hours, dates, etc) here: https://www.hauntmanor.com/

Below are a few photos of the actors decked out in their make up and costumes. 

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Muskoka Horses in the Autumn

Muskoka Horses in the Autumn

Bella, Kit Kat and others

Muskoka Horses

Muskoka is known for its tourism not necessarily its horses.  The bugs in the Spring and Summer can be a bit harsh on the animals, but the Fall, with the nice weather, it being a bit cooler but still nice the horses are much more relaxed.

Last year I made some new friends up the street from the cottage.  Also made friends with their horses. I had driven by their farm numerous times and seen these beautiful animals from the road.   One day I stopped and talked to Stirling, who allowed me to take some photos.  He put me in touch with his niece and sister who own and care for the horses.  So, the first of the two photo sessions with these horses was planned and they were groomed nicely.  (Aside from the rolling around on the ground after the grooming.)

Still lots to edit but here are a few sorted from both days.  They were all taken early October.  For me, the most beautiful time of year.  I was able to capture some colour with a few of the shots.  Nice to get some warm weather without the bugs.  For the people and the horses. 

One of toughest things about photographing horses, when you are in the field with them, is that they are such curious and generally friendly animals. When I want a bit of distance, they come right up to me, maybe they think the camera is food. 

The buckskin horse in these photos is Kit Kat.  Very photogenic.  Kit Kat will often keep some distance as well, allowing me to get some decent 'posed' photos, whereas Bella, the champagne/white horse, always comes as close as she can to me.   

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did taking them!

You can see more of my photos on Instagram: @portraits.by.martin

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Instagram: @portraits.by.martin

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Antonio and the Hat

Antonio and the Hat

Antonio and I met and became friends when I was at my son's wedding recently.  I immediately wanted to photograph him when we met.  Later when he was wearing the hat, well, that clinched it.  Here are three from the shoot.  That overcast northern California weather at the time was perfect for outdoor shooting. 

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James B

James B

James The Poet

This is my friend James.  You can find him on Instagram: @poejob and on Youtube at James Owen Brown.

He does local gigs in the Niagara Region (Canada).  You can always see him and his lovely wife Autumn perform at Haunt Manor in Niagara Falls during the season in Sept and October. 

Check his Instagram account for updates.

We did a short 15 minute photo shoot.  Me practicing with my Nikon Z6 and forcing myself to only use my 50mm F1.8 lens.  Great dynamic range with the full frame and extremely quick focusing even in low light.  Love this camera.


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Wedding Portraits

Wedding Portraits

Wedding Photos in the Studio

Recently did some wedding portraits in the studio for some friends.  Weddings are not generally my favourite thing but I've done quite a few, mostly for friends/friends of family.  Honestly, though, I love the studio and am still learning.  I like the control and the simplicity.  And the intimacy.  These two have been together for 10 years.  This was a few days before their wedding.  She was pretty wound up getting things ready for the big day.  Getting her to relax wasn't really an option.  So, we went with that. I love the results.  I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

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Portrait of Alana

From a recent shoot with Alana. I'm moving to Ontario in Sept '17.  Will be available to Toronto, Buffalo and surrounds for portraits. 

Edit: I've been in Niagara Falls for a while now.  I recently have gone back and edited some photos using both Lightroom and Photoshop.  These were updated earlier this year (2021).  

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Peter Hurley video:  Headshots and the Jaw

Peter Hurley video: Headshots and the Jaw

This is a great video by Peter Hurley that should be watched by anyone taking or getting their picture taken.  Any kind of portrait.

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Megan’s Photoshoot…

Megan’s Photoshoot…

Worked with Megan doing some testing for some future plans we have.  Enjoy!



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Visit us at the Christmas Craft Sale & Trade Show

Hey Everyone!

We will be selling prints at the Christmas craft sale & trade show in Calgary on December 8th! Amazing prices on great prints! (makes a great gift!) So come and visit us!

Sunday dec 8, 2013 from 10-4pm
Calgary Canoe Club.
In North Glenmore Park.

6449 Crowchild Tr SW
Calgary, AB T3E 7C6
Hope to see you there!
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