Editing My Photos With Photoshop AI

This page holds my art create in part with Photoshop AI.  I start with at least one of my photos, usually a compilation.  Creating painterly images using past photographed nudes and various other images.
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Having Fun With PhotoShop AI

This is all a work in progress.  As I learn and get better at this, I'll add or replace images.

My main intention here is to learn and have fun at it. Some of what you see here are created from a single photograph.  Others might be three or four photos and sometimes additionally a background created with Photoshop AI.  I try to keep that to a minimum but at times my own images aren't adequate for what I'm trying to do.
When I'm out and about now, with my camera, I'm much more aware of my environment and what would make a good background for images that I want to create.

I have lots of photos from The Netherlands and Prague that I've used for backgrounds in a lot of my Haunt Manor photos.  You might recognize a Niagara Falls background in one of those "Haunt" photos as well.

You can ask me how I created some of these, but I'm not sure that I can honestly answer.  I try and keep some sort of track of the steps I take but generally I get so involved in the creative process, that's all I'm doing. I'll often want to do something and not having any idea how, I'll do a search online to see it can be done in PhotoShop, and most of the time it can be.  I'll apply the technique and will pretty much have to look it up again if I want to do again.  Some Photoshop techniques, though, I use consistently.