Why Should I Get a Professional Headshot?

Why are Professionally done Headshots important?

Why should I get a professional headshot?  How about a good selfie?

If you are your brand or you represent your brand, that first impression and what it communicates is going to be oh, so important.  Most folks make that ‘first impression’ decision within the first couple of seconds, at most.

Book Promotion Headshot

Once you have done all your surveys and you know what someone is looking for in your industry, what they are expecting to see, then you need to communicate that!

Do you want to communicate a very conservative type image, a bank manager or investor?  Dark and moody.  Bright and airy.  Approachable?  Or just a very simple headshot.  Or do you want to a portrait that shows you somehow involved in your industry?  Who are you. An Oilman, wearing a hardhat?  An executive?  Or however you want your business represented.

A good portrait photographer should be able to help you sort these issues out.  A professional headshot or portrait photographer will know lighting, posing and basic editing techniques.  These all make a huge difference in the final product/image.

Actor Headshot

There are different types of headshots:

  1. Actors headshots
  2. Executive headshots

And these can vary in what needs to be communicated.  One can go from very simple to more dramatic, showing you in your work environment.   Executive headshots can sometimes include a group of business associates.

Actors may occasionally need several different ‘looks’ for a portfolio.

And hopefully, an experienced photographer can help bring out the best parts of you. 

  1. Keep your headshot current.  Nothing worse than someone meeting you in person or on some video meeting and them having to keep their smile frozen in place because you have aged 20 years since your last photo. 
  2. Clothing.  Again, what do your potential customers, or clients expect to see?  If you are a contractor, a suit and tie might not be the best image.  Consult with your photographer as to colours that are flattering and those that show up best in photos.  Generally, solid colours are better, patterns can be very distracting.  What image are you trying to convey? 
  3. No selfies!  It is not very difficult to tell the difference between a selfie and a professional headshot.  If  you are trying to show yourself as a professional in your world, stay away from selfies or snapshots taken by friends. 
  4. Communicate to your photographer who you are trying to reach. What is your public?  What does that public look for in hiring someone in your industry?

    Wedding Dress Model

    Your headshot or portrait photographer will help tailor your photo or photos to show you the best way possible for that public.

  5. The standard headshot for years has been the ‘vertical’.  With the advent of social media, many photographers will now shoot your headshot in a horizontal frame.  Let him or her know how you are going to use the photo so you can be photographed accordingly.  Or both ways. 
  6. Let your personality shine.  Smile.  No smile. 
  7. Pricing.  $200-$400 and up.  There are photographers that charge much more.  These higher prices will often include an assistant/make-up artist that will help with make-up and hair.  If the photographer is traveling some distance to you, there may be additional cost for this as well.
  8. Are you comfortable with the photographer?  This can sometimes be a make/break point with a headshot or portrait.  He or she may be a great photographer but you just don’t click.  Talk to the photographer, meet if it is practical.  Read some testimonials. 

And have some fun with it!

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