Hello Haunt Manor Actors and Actresses!
There is a link below to the page with ALL the Haunt Manor photos I took 15th October.
Please consider a donation for the work and the photos. 

$10, $15 or $20 is fine. 

(But don't be afraid to send more if you are feeling affluent 🙂 )

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Click this link to go to all the photos: Haunt Manor Actor/Actress Photos 2023

The photos on this page, as you can see, I've added some different background effects.  If you want any of these photos, let me know. All the background photos are my own as well, so no copyright issues.  I'll be doing some more so check back with me either by email: martin@photo-photo.com or come to the blog here to have a looksee.
Please, please tag me if you use any of the photos.  Link to IG @portraits.by.martin 

Click here: Haunt Manor Actor/Actress Photos 2023




Im obsessed with how everyone looks in these. they’re all amazing!!

Chris Hicks

Do you have the group ones ready and can I see the one with me and my brother.
I was the grim reaper looking one.

Chris, if you go to Gallery Five on this page: https://photo-photo.com/portraits/haunt-manor-actors-and-actresses-in-costume/ All the photos are there. I even added a special ‘background’ one. – Martin

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