Muskoka Horses in the Autumn

Bella, Kit Kat and others

Muskoka Horses

Muskoka is known for its tourism not necessarily its horses. The bugs in the Spring and Summer can be a bit harsh on the animals, but the Fall, with the nice weather, it being a bit cooler but still nice the horses are much more relaxed.

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Last year I made some new friends up the street from the cottage.  Also made friends with their horses. I had driven by their farm numerous times and seen these beautiful animals from the road.   One day I stopped and talked to Stirling, who allowed me to take some photos.  He put me in touch with his niece and sister who own and care for the horses.  So, the first of the two photo sessions with these horses was planned and they were groomed nicely.  (Aside from the rolling around on the ground after the grooming.)

Still lots to edit but here are a few sorted from both days.  They were all taken early October.  For me, the most beautiful time of year.  I was able to capture some colour with a few of the shots.  Nice to get some warm weather without the bugs.  For the people and the horses. 

One of toughest things about photographing horses, when you are in the field with them, is that they are such curious and generally friendly animals. When I want a bit of distance, they come right up to me, maybe they think the camera is food. 

The buckskin horse in these photos is Kit Kat.  Very photogenic.  Kit Kat will often keep some distance as well, allowing me to get some decent 'posed' photos, whereas Bella, the champagne/white horse, always comes as close as she can to me.   

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did taking them!

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