Hollywood Glamour Portraits

Hollywood Glamour

These photos are from almost ten years ago.  I’ve always liked the Hollywood and Glamour photography from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s.  My wife had purchased a dress for me, well, not for me specifically! 🙂

Knowing that I liked to shoot this style of black and white photography.  I’d done some photos for this young lady's business.  I liked her look and thought she'd look good in the dress. She allowed me to practice my skills on some of this Hollywood Glamor photography. 

At the time I had a very small space to shoot in.  These were done in a converted second bedroom that measured maybe ten feet by fifteen.  For half the photos that I shot in this room, I was standing out in the hall to get a decent perspective.  We make do. 

One of my favourite photographers from that earlier era is George Hurrell.  There is a link to a page below that displays his exceptional photographs.  The photographers of that era shot with very large negatives.  Often 8"x10".  Part of the benefit of these large negatives was the ability of the photographers or their assistants to edit the negatives before printing the photograph.  Some of these photo editors would spend hours on one negative, getting rid of blemishes on the movie star du jour.  So, if you hear of a photographer spending a bit of time editing, please don't fault him or her.

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