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iPhone Camera - Panoramic photography

I purchased an iPhone 13 Pro a short time ago.  I bought it largely for the camera.  A friend had one and we did a couple of portraits and I was stunned.  Had to have one.  I’ve been using my iPhone for a while as my ‘carry around’ camera and it was pretty good but this version knocks its socks off.

I’ve been watching some videos on Instagram and learning more. So happy with some of the shots I’ve been getting I feel I need to do some serious study. 

I’d never used the panoramic feature with any of the iPhones.  It doesn’t communicate very well on the small screen of any type of phone.  But if I load them into Lightroom, edit and then view on my desk top, they are great. 

I’ll have to print a couple to see how they come out!

For much of what I do, I will still use my Nikon.  Studio portraits and such.  Plus the zoom feature on the iPhone, while it gets the photo, there is no comparison quality wise. 

Above are a few photos from a couple of kayaking trips this summer at the cottage and one from down at the Falls.  (I live in Niagara Falls.)  The header photo is from a walk on the Pier at Port Dalhousie, about 20 minutes from here. 

If you use Lightroom for editing your photos, you will likely need some sort of App to convert the files from your camera to jpegs.  A very simple one out there is Waltr HEIC Converter. 

And here is a good place to start if you want to learn the basics of a real camera. Whether you are learning with a Nikon, Canon, Sony or any other amateur, semi or professional camera: Camera Basics

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