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Haunt Manor Actors Crew:

Here are the photos from 15th October.  Please go through and let me know what, if any that you want.  Email me at and just describe who you are (in costume) and I'll email you high definition photo or photos.  I've put them in different sections (Gallery One, Gallery Two, etc) so you can also tell me what section the photos are in to make it a little easier for me.  I'm likely to do more backgrounds for some of the photos.  If you didn't see those, you can find at
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Also, please consider a donation.  This is not a paid gig for me.  I really enjoy the work but it is very time consuming.
Donations make me way more excited do more of this again. Just click the 'Donate' button below and if you have any difficulties from there, please, please let me know. 

$10, $15 or $20 is fine. 

(But don't be afraid to send more if you are feeling affluent 🙂 )
Thanks, - Martin

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$10, $15 or $20 is fine. 


Sharon Sauve

I would like 1 of Logan ( the skull mask ) as it is with the back ground you chose, and one of me with a background of your choosing. Which ever one you think looks best. Perhaps one of the stone structures or statues seems fitting. I like the second pic of me. Ty

Sharon, I emailed you. – Martin

The photos are absolutely incredible. I love the photo of my daughter and me in haunt so much I’ll be using it for Christmas cards. Amazing job. Love them so much.

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