Not too long ago I had to upgrade my computer to allow me the advantages of Photoshop AI.  For years I've been, by and large, using Lightroom for editing purposes.  Much more recently I've been playing with and learning Photoshop.  Since I upgraded, I've been playing non-stop. 

I'm no where near what I see some people produce that have been using Photoshop for years and years.  But I bet very few are having such sheer fun that I am.  Above creations each started with a fine art nude that I photographed sometime in the last 7-8 years.  Added layers, used AI and brush strokes and other images using overlays to get the final images. So many photos that I have that I can now use as backgrounds. I can no longer get through the day without coming up with a dozen or so ideas for combining and creating.  Some just don't work.  I'll spend hours and the vision just doesn't happen.  Each time that happens, though, I've learned something.  What I've found pretty unbelievable is the depth of Photoshop.  Seems the things you can do with it are endless.  I try and keep my creative desires simple. 

Hope you like.  

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