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Put Your Camera’s ISO Setting on Auto

Put Your Camera’s ISO Setting on Auto

Auto ISO*: Make your job easier with this simple setting.

I learned this recently.  I used to think that if I shot a portrait a bit dark because of a lower ISO* setting that I could crank the exposure in Lightroom as there is so much data captured with digital cameras these days. 

One is essentially playing with three things to get a proper exposure: Speed, Aperture and ISO (sensitivity setting). 

With your ISO setting set to auto, your photos will be sharper even at a high setting like 1200 or even 2000.  I assure you that you will get more detail in your photos doing it this way.  Try it and see.  Or test it both ways in some low light scenarios. 

The only time I’ve had an issue with it is when a dark skinned person was wearing a white shirt.  The camera couldn’t figure out the proper sensitivity and the photos were a bit dark.  Which is what I would have had to work with anyway if I had been setting ISO manually. 

I’m shooting currently, with a Nikon Z6 Mirrorless camera.  This function is available.  I’m assuming it is the same situation with most if not all mirrorless cameras.  I have no idea if one can use this setting on DSLR (pre mirrorless) cameras.  If you own one, it would be pretty quick to figure that out. 

The biggest issue with advancement in technology, not only with cameras, is keeping up with all the features.  It can be a full time job.

I’ve been using the camera this way for a couple of weeks and has been really effective.  The portrait here was shot impromptu recently of a friend.  I didn’t have to mess with ISO for an inside shot in his living/dining room. 

Below I’ve added some images of the menu steps for my Nikon Z6 to switch the Auto ISO on or off. 

*ISO: (International Standard for Standardization) - refers to the sensitivity of a camera’s sensor or film to light. This can be adjusted in cameras to make an image lighter or darker.  A higher number will allow more light

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James B – Black and White Photoshoot

James B – Black and White Photoshoot

James The Poet

This is my friend James.  You can find him on Instagram: @poejob and on Youtube at James Owen Brown.

He does local gigs in the Niagara Region (Canada).  You can always see him and his lovely wife Autumn perform at Haunt Manor in Niagara Falls during the season in Sept and October.[read more] 

Check his Instagram account for updates.

We did a short 15 minute photo shoot.  Me practicing with my Nikon Z6 and forcing myself to only use my 50mm F1.8 lens.  Great dynamic range with the full frame and extremely quick focusing even in low light.  Love this camera.[/read]


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