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Natural Portraits

Natural Portraits

Natural Portraits

The last few weekends, I’ve been taking photos of the actors in costume and make-up at Haunt Manor Niagara Falls.  One more weekend to go, starting this evening.  Great fun.  As I already had the lighting set up, i managed to get a few natural looking portraits of actors before make up and costume.  The line up is long and as taking photos of people in the studio is my happy place...

The whole routine is quite a test for me.  Very little time per person.  I've set up the lights ahead of time of course.  But when the actors come in I have a minute or two maximum with them to get a decent shot.  I started with outside shots when Haunt began a few weeks ago.  Some dynamite  outside sets with creepy lights and amazing backdrops. Had to move indoors as the days got shorter.  Just wasn’t enough light out there.  So, a quick intro, a couple of poses and out you go.  

Posted a few on the blog and lots from the inside studio set up from the last two weekends.  Fortunately I was able to set up some spooky panels as background. 

NO monsters here - just some simple portraits.

A Four Light Setup 

  1. Six foot reflector - 51” Para Deep Umbrella behind the camera
  2. 3’ Octa - camera left - feathered.
  3. 4’ strip light camera right.  Slightly behind the subject.
  4. Small snoot pointed at background

For years I shot with one light and reflectors.  Lots of good material but I do love the flexibility that having four lights gives me.  So much fun.

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