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Wedding: Vanessa and Andrew 2023

Wedding: Vanessa and Andrew 2023

Deep Cove Wedding

I was honoured recently to be able to take the wedding photographs for a dear friend.  I’ve been photographing her a different times for going on twenty years.  Was eager to do these photos for her and Andrew for their wedding when asked. 

My wife and I were planning another road trip across Canada to visit with friends and family so we timed our trip to be in Vancouver for a week or so for the wedding.  Pretty much the furthest I’ve traveled to photograph a wedding. 

I’ve photographed lots of weddings; mostly for friends and family.  I much prefer to be doing something as opposed to sitting around.  That said, I do miss some of what is said in speeches and such due to the fact that my attention is focused on taking the photographs.  Ah well. 

There are a lot of photos!  Here are a some of the recently wedded couple, before, happily married and The Dance

It might be obvious that the newlyweds have had a bit of training in ballroom dance.  

I'll try, over the next little while, to post different parts of the wedding: Getting Ready, The Bride, The Children, The Men, Etc.

I’ll post more as I get them processed.  I'll try and break each post down to different parts of the wedding.  So much fun. So many pictures.  Enjoy

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