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Niagara ComicCon Saturday June 8, 2024

Niagara ComicCon Saturday June 8, 2024

Niagara Falls ComicCon - Niagara Convention Centre

I've been adding edited photos throughout last evening and today.

If you see photos of yourself please contact me and make sure all my references are correct.  I love taking photos of Cosplayers at ComicCon and FanExpo but don't really know all the world that characters are from. So far, I've got, of course Batman and Spiderman.  Not too tough.  The Mandalorian - I saw the first Star Wars movie the week it came out. 🙂 

I figured out the Evil Resident Soldier - big fan of Resident Evil movies (even the crappy ones) and, well, Milla Javovich.   Someone should do Leeloo's costume from The Fifth Element!  There are a couple of others that I'm not sure about.  I was contacted by Stolas and Blitzø, so that's all good now.



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