ComiCon Niagara Falls, Canada 2023

ComiCon Niagara Falls, Canada 2023

ComiCon FanExpo Niagara Falls, Ontario

Was able to get to Comicon Niagara Falls for a few hours this year.  Was touch and go as we were on an extended road trip and returned the day before, the Saturday.  I was able to attend for a few hours on the Sunday.  As the light is so much better outside and I there is more space to work with, I didn’t bother going inside.  I may have missed a few but still, I got some good shots.  I love that the players are so willing to pose for me. 

Most don’t contact me.  I do give out my card to all so if I’m at one of these things and you find your photo at this site, I’m happy to send you a copy. 

I will be at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto August 2023.  Taking photos.  Likely on Saturday.

With Photoshop AI it is so much easier to cut out the backgrounds and install my own.  Saves me hours of work.  And way more fun.

My biggest issue is that I don’t always know the characters and their references or world or history. I occasionally have to do a bit of research to get at least close to the correct background.  The phone box for the ‘Dr Who’ photo is a photo I took on the property here.  It is a prop for one of the events.  Check out the Haunt Manor photos for more.

Character: Spider Man, Junko Enoshima, Dr Who, The Mandalorian...

Also, I’m open to suggestions for more appropriate backgrounds, etc. 


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