Photos From In and Around Vrindaban, India

Photos From In and Around Vrindaban, India

My India Photos

Thirty five years ago I went to visit my father in India.  I took my camera and ten or twelve rolls of film.  I had to make every shot count. 

A lot of the children, when seeing me with my camera, would shout, “Photo, photo!” wanting their picture taken.  I took some but many times just pretended.  Not enough film.  If I went now, with digital, I would have shot everything.

Many of the photos turned out wonderfully.  If you look through them though, here on this page, the quality of the photos is somewhat lacking. 

I was unaware at the time there could be a difference in the quality of processing negatives.  I took them to a ‘One Hour’ place near where I lived.  Within a few short years the negatives deteriorated.  Way more than normal.  I still have negatives from fifty years ago from which I can get a decent print.  Not these.

So, just a caution if you use film, don’t go for cheap processing.

These days your digital images will last forever as long as you have them properly backed up. 🙂

Artistically, I still like many of these photos. 

Most of the photos are taken in a small town called Vridaban.  About a hundred miles south of Delhi.  Near a town called Mathura.  The people that I met there were by and large, as anywhere, very friendly and helpful.

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