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Binbrook, Ontario RAM Rodeo – 2023

Binbrook, Ontario RAM Rodeo – 2023

Binbrook, Ontario Rodeo 2023

I’ve photographed numerous small and medium sized rodeos in Southern Alberta.  Nice access at these for a photographer.  And I can roam around and take some nice shots of the cowboys and their horses.  Usually three or four photographers maximum.  Lots more at this rodeo.

Binbrook rodeo is part of a series called the RAM Rodeo Tour.

These cowboys are tough dudes.  It's fun watching them do their 'yoga' stretches to get warmed up.  The bull riding: the goal is to last 8 seconds.  Not many do.  Those bulls are a whole lotta muscle and meanness.  I'm truly amazed that anyone can stay up on one of them for even eight seconds.  

Was a pretty harsh sun for decent photos but occasionally the odd cloud covered to help out. 

Odd layout as well. Very narrow arena for the events.  Not sure how the girls pulled off the barrel racing in such a tight space.

I’ll have to try and get to a few more of these next season.

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