graduation photos

Owen’s Graduation Photos

Owen’s Graduation Photos

Geeky and "Ungeeky" Photos for Owen

‘My mom wants me to get graduation photos.”  Owen never got them done last Spring due to all the Covid kerfuffle.  He asked me Saturday evening and we were going to shoot Sunday. Owen plays football on the school team and I wanted a few shots with his gear so we waited till Monday evening.  He was actually supposed to turn his gear in that day but coach was kind enough to allow him to use for the graduation photos. 

This from mama:

“Thanks so much Martin! They are stunning!
Really appreciate you taking those beautiful images for me!

Geeky photos and Serious photos

We first off did the geeky shots with gown etc.  Nice posed shots with the gown and hat, photos for the fireplace mantle.  The one with the cardigan is actually pretty nice.  I’m hoping that even with these that the lighting keeps them from being too, too geeky.  Well, maybe not.

Then we got down to some more interesting stuff.  My first time doing anything like this at all so was a hoot.  I’ve done outdoor, more geeky shots but mostly ladies.  I really love shooting guys, men, boys, as I don’t have to soften the photos I can be a little more ‘extreme’ with the editing. 

Please contact me if you need photos of your family or teen graduation photos - anytime of the year!

Please, if you get this far reading, check out the portraits in the different sections of my website.  I’ll shoot anything but LOVE taking photos of people.


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