ComiCon FanExpo Niagara Falls, Ontario Was able to get to Comicon Niagara Falls for a few hours this year.  Was touch and go as we were on an extended road trip and returned the day before, the Saturday.  I was able to attend for a few hours on the Sunday.  As the light is so much better outside and I there is more space to work with, I didn’t bother going inside.  I may have
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R.O.C.K. Motorcycle Ride - Niagara Region 2023 First time shooting portraits at this event and apparently the last year Bob and his wife Lori will be running it.  You can find out more about the history of Rockride and the fund raising they have done for children here: R.O.C.K Ride 2023 I found out about the Saturday ride a day or two beforehand and showed up at the first send off point at Clare’s Harley-Davidson
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the bride the groom vows vows the wedding dance the wedding dance the wedding dance Deep Cove Wedding I was honoured recently to be able to take the wedding photographs for a dear friend.  I’ve been photographing her a different times for going on twenty years.  Was eager to do these photos for her and Andrew for their wedding when asked.  My wife and I were planning another road trip across Canada to visit with
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Calgary Expo 2023 or Another Comic Con with Cosplay On a road trip out west, I timed it so I could attend Calgary Expo.  I went on the Saturday, the day after I arrived in Calgary this trip.  The 29th of April, 2023. Last time I attended something like this in Calgay was 2017.  Seemed like it was quite different.  Then realized that there are a couple of different shows now.  Pretty sure this happens
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Click for slide show Comic Con Calgary 2017 Update I’ll be there, in Calgary, again in 2023.  April.  And in Toronto 2023. August. Calgary Comic Con 2017 was definitely a riot of fun taking photos.  I spent two days there photographing an unbelievable number of creative individuals with their costumes.  I started recently to figure out some stuff with Photoshop.  I’m an old guy and didn’t grow up with digital workings so it never came
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