iPhone Camera - Panoramic photography I purchased an iPhone 13 Pro a short time ago.  I bought it largely for the camera.  A friend had one and we did a couple of portraits and I was stunned.  Had to have one.  I’ve been using my iPhone for a while as my ‘carry around’ camera and it was pretty good but this version knocks its socks off. I’ve been watching some videos on Instagram and learning
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Using Back Button Focus on DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras Objects in the foreground throwing you off? If you are not using the back button focus on your camera, you will be wasting a lot of shots. This will save you a lot of headaches if you have objects in front of what you are trying to focus on.  Or nearby.   Most semi and professional cameras will come with the focus as part of the shutter
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First Fine Art Nude Photoshoot Early 1990s.  Likely the summer of ’94 I was cycling across the Bloor Street Viaduct (bridge).  Came to the stop light and started chatting to a young lady stopped on her bicycle there as well.  At first she wouldn’t take my card.  I’m sure that she thought I was full of crap when I said I was a photographer.  I told her to call my wife.  A few days later
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Dramatic Portraits on The Road On a recent road trip out west, to Alberta and British Columbia, I made sure I packed a light, a stand and large soft box.  The soft box being almost six feet but wraps up tightly and takes very little space.  We spent the day with my wife’s son and doing a family BBQ.  He has a garage where he keeps his motorcycle, a shop where he makes all sorts
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Photographic Terminology (Nomenclature) I get asked from time to time about understanding camera and photography nomenclature or terminology.  A lot of magazine or website articles assume that a person reading has a basic understanding of what’s what.  Like with any subject, finding it too difficult to understand certain aspects, one can give up or consider themselves to ‘dumb’.  From that, a person may think that because they are unable to render the photography as they
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