Ode To LOR

Princess and Swords

Dramatic Portrait 

the lighting

Trying out some new lights with a beautiful young princess and Sting from Lord Of The Rings.  And a sword from the Dark Ages.

Using four and sometimes three lights.  

  • Four foot Octabox with grid to camera left.
  • 63" Umbrella just behind and right of camera with Strobpro 600 (strobepro.com)
  • 12"x 55" Softbox with grid rim light camera right pointing at subjects shoulder and hair
  • Small strobe with snoot pointing at backdrop.

I honestly may have been able to get something similar with fewer lights but love that I was able to do this way.

A bit of editing in Lightroom and Photoshop.

the model

The daughter of a good friend.  She was great.  Likely knew pretty much nothing about Lord of the Rings and the sword was kinda heavy for her but she was a trouper and trusted me.  

A more recent 'manly' photoshoot with a vintage 1956 Packard

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