Keep On Learnin’

I’m pretty sure that anyone in the world should never stop learning.  I know, that for a lot of people, schooling kinda kills the willingness to continue finding stuff out. 

But there is a joy to creating things that can’t be beat.  Nothing like it.  A little while back, I figured some basic ‘how to’ things with Photoshop.  I know, it’s not that complicated but it just wouldn’t click with me. 

Then it did.

I’ve been playing with Photoshop since and having a blast.  I’m not in the class of some people that have been working with it for ten or twenty or thirty years. Or so.  But, I bet I’m having way more fun that most. 

This is adding a huge dynamic to my creativeness. 

The photo here started with a walk in the woods.  My wife thought that the tree stump with the lichen on it was kinda cool.  I took a few photos with my iPhone but didn’t have the quality that I wanted.  So, I hoofed it back up the trail the next day with my Nikon and took a bunch of shots with the angles and depth of field that I wanted. 

I had a vague idea of what I was going to do with these backgrounds.  I thought a couple of animals tucked in with a woodsy sprite.  I had to do a little searching of my data base.  Looking for some ‘zoo’ photos from many years ago.  Found a couple of decent shots of a tiger and a cheetah.  Some good poses.

The result is what you see here.   Plus a couple more.

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