Model T Ford Club of Ontario

Updated Saturday evening (25May24)

Added a couple more that I shot today.  These old cars have their stories.  Who knows if what I envision is anywhere close but sure is fun imagining.


Here are a couple of photos from yesterday at the park. (Today's date 24 May 24)

I'll try and do some more this evening, depending on rain.  

Anyone checking this out if you can give me any more information about the cars or the club/group, please email me or leave in comments!




Hey there Martin, Rob here with the Model T that had clear plastic homemade side curtains. Beautiful work you did with the photos!

This tour is the 2024 CAN AM Canadian-American Model T tour, hosted by the Ontario Region Model T Ford Club International.

Rob, Thanks so much for the info. Check the site now, I’ve added your car. Hope you like the story I’ve tried to make with it.
I can email you the photos if you need.

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