still life photography

Still Life Photography

Still Life Photography

Still Life

With all the crazy stuff going on in the world, I’ve been unable to take people photos.  Also, approaching farmers and others with horses has become difficult as well.  When I’ve asked about ‘shooting’ horses, owners have asked that I come back after Covid.  And I can only take so many photos of my dinners and my bicycle rides! 

I have oodles of studio equipment.  And being that there is a certain joy in creating, I thought I might apply my skills to another area.  This all lead me to taking some photos of things.  I kinda like food as well, so thought I might start with food oriented still shots.

I like classic art and photography as you can see from my nudes and portraits.  I’ve made a separate page/section of my website for my Still Life Photography.  You can look there for more but you can see here a couple of my first efforts. 

My inspiration comes from many places over the years.  (Lots of years… quiet, OK!!)  From fashion magazines to Dutch Masters and those of the Renaissance.  I did courses as well, always trying to learn from already successful photographers that I admired.  I have stacks of books on lighting techniques and art. 

If you are going to order any of these to matte and frame, I would suggest a minimum size of 11”x14”.   The ideal ratio for viewing is a ratio of 1.1.618 (Golden Ratio).  The closest you are going to get to that would be 11”x17”.  This (11x17) is not a standard size for frames, usually, so you may have to have it customized. 

Prints can be ordered with mattes and frames as well. For certain, regular sizes and they would be very simple (but excellent quality).

Also, I’ve given a painterly effect to some of the pieces, so indicate what you prefer when you order.  If there is a choice. 

Go to the Still Life page on this website to see some of the work I’ve started with over the last week or so. 

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