"The artist produces for the liberation of his soul. It is his nature to create as it is the nature of water to run down the hill."
 - W. Somerset Maugham

When I was 11 years old a dear friend of the family purchased a farm in Ontario.  We had our first picnic there in 1962.  We visited it most weekends all through my childhood and teen years.  About 9 years ago the owner died leaving the 136 acre farm to his wife.  She has been on and off trying to sell the land.  Not very willingly, I must say as she likes it there. But she is getting on and even in a 'sit down' lawn mower it takes quite a while to mow the lawn.  As a child, with my siblings and friends we explored every tree and corner of the land, winter or summer.  We had snowball fights in the Spring when the temperature soared.  We swam in the pond and  never knew bathing suits.  It was a working farm so we(my siblings and I) saw animals born and put to death when sick.  At one point a lamb's mother had to be put down.  As young boys we fed the lamb from a bottle and kept her in a child's playpen until she was old enough.  All that summer she would follow us around much as a dog responding to her name and completely attached to us as we traipsed about the woods and fields.

In more recent years I am able to visit once a year.  His wife, Kissy, is a wonderful person and now that the land is sold - oops! - I get ahead of myself...  for years we have been worried that the land would get bought up by a developer who would land a bunch of ugly assed houses.  A few days ago when I visited, Kissy told me that a Canadian government department that is responsible for developing parks has purchased 125 of the 136 acres and is going to create a natural park leaving it much in its natural state.  This was great news!  I'm sure her husband is sitting up there somewhere with a big grin, happy as hell that the land is being left this way.  I will post a few pictures here from my trip this year and as time goes try and and add some here and to the blog.  I hope that you like as much as I do... (or even half so much).


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