Photoshoot with Ms B in my mini home studio

Much fun shooting with this young lady:


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Millarville Rodeo August 2014

I went out to the Millarville Rodeo yesterday.  It was pretty dusty again.  In some respects this adds to the flavour of the pictures but sure makes it hard to get sharpness with all that dust and dirt.  Here are some of the calf roping, bronc riding,  and calf wrestling  from the afternoon:


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Model Photoshoot at Rodeo Grounds

It was a pretty bright day and the photos in the sun were tough – no assistant to hold the diffuser.  We could have gone later in the day but I really hate mosquitoes so we’ll go again in September.  But in spite of that we got some great shots.  We had lots of fun as well – and that is equally important.

I shot raw images with my Nikon 7100 using a Tamron 70-300 lens with unbelievable VR.  Because of this I was able to do some adjustment in the high contrast pics.  The model had not done anything like this before and moved like a pro.


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Dogpound Rodeo 2014, Alberta, Canada

Took some pictures at the Dogpound Rodeo on July 16th, 2014.  I photographed this rodeo a couple of years ago and got some really great shots.  I do enjoy these smaller rodeos as you can get closer in – it is a much more intimate setting.  That being said, it is the roughest time of day to shoot – middle of the day – it was very hot and sunny and the sun straight up.  Making shooting conditions were pretty contrasty but … the dust was great for pictures. Not so great for camera equipment!

Not much information online about this rodeo. (If anyone from the Dogpound Rodeo is reading this, I would love to hear from you.  Email me. )

Takes me about 45-50 minutes up(north) Highway 22 from Calgary.  As always, some of the best horsemen to be seen are the ‘catchers’ – I don’t know their official name but these are the cowboys that catch the broncos that have dumped their riders.  Watching these guys ride at a full gallop beside a bucking horse that does not want to be caught to get him or her calmed down is a spectacular event all of its own.  Definitely one of my favourite parts of any rodeo.

If you are wondering about the name ‘Dogpound’ – A ‘pound’ was a place, usually a cliff, where buffalo were driven to their deaths.  Sometimes the dogs herding them would get caught up with the buffalo and over the cliff they went to their deaths as well.

Hope you like the pictures:


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Calf Cutting at Swift Current Rodeo 2014

Caught some of the calf cutting on Saturday at the Fair and Rodeo in Swift Current, Saskatchewan.


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The Fair and Rodeo in Swift Current 2014

Here are some pictures of warming up the horses, some draft horses, classes and standing around waiting:

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Megan’s Photoshoot…

Worked with Megan doing some testing for some future plans we have.  Enjoy!



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Visit us at the Christmas Craft Sale & Trade Show

Visit us at the Christmas Craft Sale & Trade Show

Hey Everyone!

We will be selling prints at the Christmas craft sale & trade show in Calgary on December 8th! Amazing prices on great prints! (makes a great gift!) So come and visit us!

Sunday dec 8, 2013 from 10-4pm
Calgary Canoe Club.
In North Glenmore Park.

6449 Crowchild Tr SW
Calgary, AB T3E 7C6
Hope to see you there!
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